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Concerned about the drugs you are taking? Be sure you know about their benefits and potential side affects.

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HealthLink is sponsored by the Rhode Island Alliance for Retired Americans. Its basic goal is to create a community based culture of wellness and prevention that links our members to the professionals who look after them and to the social environment in which they live.

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RI-ARA is a state affiliate member of the Alliance for Retired Americans, a nationwide organization founded in May 2001, with three million members working together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, politics, and institutions that shape our lives. Over the past 10 years, it has grown to four million members with a primary objective to enroll and mobilize retired union members and other seniors and community activists into a nationwide grassroots movement advocating an agenda that respects work and strengthens families.

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FDA approves new breast cancer drug

 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Pfizer Inc's Ibrance, a potential new standard of care for advanced breast cancer.

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HealthLink CDC report: Now analysis is published in a reserach journal

Taking control of preventable conditions

In the United States, we are now in the process of health care reform. The primary area of change is the expansion of health insurance coverage administered through health insurance companies and both state and federal government agencies. Concurrent with these changes is a demographic shift in the aging of the U.S. population. This segment of the population also has the highest prevalence of chronic conditions that consume the bulk of our nation’s health care dollars..................

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